Applied Sciences

ICS32 Chicano/a History Prof. Gamboa

Final Essay Guidelines

Essential Information • 15% of overall grade • 3-5 full pages each essay • Due Date: Monday, 3/26 • Upload to Canvas ONLY • Include paragraph on grade self-reflection

Select ONE essay question below. Your essays should be between 3-5 FULL pages. Your explanation should be based on analysis and evidence. You must use, analyze, and cite specific examples from the readings to support your claims. Remember; this is not a summary, but a critical analysis/reflection! Be sure to address all questions within the prompt that you select.

1. To what extent did Chicanx and Latinx demonstration of patriotic duty through military service during WWII benefit them socially (and/or politically) afterwards? (Consider cases of Felix Longoria, GI Forum, Hector Garcia, Civil Rights Orgs, etc)

2. Was the Chicano Movement successful? How do you know? What were

some of the key strategies/efforts used? What were some of the gains/victories (culturally, politically, socially, educationally)? To what extent is the Chicanx Movement still relevant to today?

3. What was the role of Chicanas in the 1960-1980s? How did they participate

and/or lead in political/social struggles of the time? How did female activists challenge their male counterparts and bring these important issues to the table?

4. Why did the Chicano Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s decline? What

were some of the strategies/efforts used to subvert or extinguish the movement? (Consider the Chicano Moratorium, Internal and External Factors)

ICS32 Chicano/a History Prof. Gamboa

Essay Cover Sheet

Looking for guidance? Get assistance from your Mentor with your drafts, ask your burning questions and settle all your general concerns! Feel free to drop by your Professors’ office hours. Go see a writing tutor. Ask a friend to proof read. Due to the high volume of papers we must read, we cannot correct every single error, grammar issue you may have. For that reason, we want you to be pro-active by using the check- list provided below and getting help so that you can turn in a polished, final draft. The following is a checklist that you must complete before you submit your essay. My paper is/has:

□ A cover page with my name, class/section, assignment, professor name, and date □ Self Grade/Self Reflection at End of Essay – What grade you believe you deserve/why? □ The central question typed at the beginning of the essay, single spaced. □ Demonstrate understanding of the readings and concepts/key ideas □ Formatted with 1” margins all around □ Double-spaced □ Printed in 12-point Times New Roman □ Numbered on all pages □ Spell-checked □ Carefully edited and proof-read □ Followed the list of Rules for Formal Essays (no second person, no contractions, etc.) □ Proper citations for all quotes/ideas from text/lecture. □ A clear thesis, response to question and supporting evidence □ A clear introduction, body and conclusion and clear paragraph structure. □ Coherent and follows a clear structure. □ This checklist attached/stapled to the back of the essays

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