Applied Sciences

Soc3332: Understanding Social Psych Applications to Personal Relationships – Lecture Week 3

“Will your personal relationships be shaped more by chance or by choice?” (pp.433, Gruman et al. 2017).

e-Text Key Points to Remember

· There are some universal attraction factors such as proximity, familiarity, physical attractiveness according to many research studies. Physical attractiveness does matter but can also lead to assumptions and errors in judgment.

· A basic need according to Maslow is our need to belong and affiliation.

· There are adult and infant attachments styles according to the Attachment Theory. Measures of attachment lead to secure, preoccupied, fearful, and dismissing styles when it comes to creating and maintaining intimacy.

· Mate selection factors and processes have been scientifically examined using low-tech approaches (e.g. the T-shirt study) and high-tech approaches (e.g., the Internet and other mobile technologies).

· Power of the situation – circumstances can bring people together too.

Consider This! According to Time Magazine’s Special Edition (2017) “The Science of Marriage – All About Attraction, What Keeps Love Strong, and Making the Union Last,” the 9 signs your marriage will last are as follows: (pp. 30-

Sign 1: You dated for a while (but you had your own place)

Sign 2: You use frequent turn to bids when interacting with your partner

Sign 3: You amplify your partners positive

Sign 4: You make to really talk – communicate.

Sign 5: You had warm feet on you wedding night.

Sign 6: You fight fair.

Sign 7: You have certain demographics – educated, age.

Sign 8: You both carve out “me-time.”

Sign 9: You cultivate a culture of mutual respect.

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Our human need is to be close to others. Attraction begins with universal factors like proximity, familiarity, and physical attractiveness. We often form adult attachments based on our infant attachments according to Attachment Theory. It is important to understand your attachment style preference. The selection process is complicated. Sometimes situations can bring people together above and beyond personal preferences.

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