Applied Sciences

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the Scher (2015) article (located in this week’s Learning Resources). Reflect on the use of technology in public health advocacy.
View several Scholars of Change videos at the Walden Scholars of Change website listed in the Learning Resources.
Select a technology that you would use to advocate a public health policy. Choose a tool that is different from the one you researched in Week 4.
Consider how you would use your selected technology in a community advocacy plan.
Consider which careers would make the best use of this technology in affecting positive social change
Post a comprehensive response to the following:
Describe the technology you selected
Explain how you would use the technology in a community advocacy plan and why you think this an effective tool
Describe one career that might utilize this technology to affect positive social change


For this assignment, you are asked to prepare a reflection paper. After you finish the reading assignment, reflect on the new information you learned and on what marketing techniques you currently see being used (commercials, magazine ads, social media) for healthcare marketing.

Be sure to address the process that healthcare marketing professionals use to delineate markets in diverse healthcare settings as well as why this type of delineation is significant in diverse healthcare settings. Also, include information regarding the factors that impact the adoption of marketing and the definition of markets in diverse healthcare organizations.

Be sure to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Your paper should consist of at least one page.
  2. In addition to the material covered in this unit, also include your own thoughts (in your own words) specific to these concepts.
  3. Can you apply the material covered in this unit to your career? How?

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