Applied Sciences

Use chapter 14 entitled, “Public Health Practice: Future Challenges” as a reference. Select a vulnerable population (in the United States or abroad) currently affected by a disease or condition. Search the internet or visit the library to identify literature to support your PowerPoint presentation.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with no more than 6 slides.

  • Slide 1: Cover page – Name, date, course, and vulnerable population topic
  • Slide 2: Description of the population, including demographics and risk factors determining health in this population.
  • Slide 3: Common health issues prevalent in this population.
  • Slide 4: Identify access and barriers to health care and treatment options for this population, and include local and global policies regulating control and prevention of a disease in this population.
  • Slide 5: Discuss local and global documents addressing the needs of this population, and suggest improvement of the existing programs.
  • Slide 6: References

     Add Audio to Your PowerPoint® Presentation
    You are hired as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a startup company, which has two branches; one Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. The company hired employees to begin working on the design of the product. As CTO, you need to explain to the Board of Directors your idea in interconnecting the two offices to ensure consistency and collaboration. Employee’s computer systems need to be connected and permitted to connect remotely (from outside of the office).
    The following needs to be taken into consideration:

    • Network topology
    • Network protocols
    • Cost of implementation
    • Cloud Productivity software
    • Choose a delivery method from the following to present your explanation to the Board of Directors:
    • Visual diagram with a brief explanation (PDF format)
    • Diagrams can be made using any Microsoft®  Office®  product or sites such as Lucidchart.
    • Matrix
    • 5- to 7-slide presentation with narration or detailed speaker notes
    • Instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations can be found on the Microsoft® Office® Support site: Add audio to your presentation.
    • Submit your assignment.

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