Applied Sciences

   After Reading Mickey in the Night Kitchen for the Third Time Before Bed

I’m the milk and the milk’s in me! . . . I’m Mickey! My daughter spreads her legs to find her vagina: hairless, this mistaken bit of nomenclature is what a stranger cannot touch without her yelling. She demands to see mine and momentarily we’re a lopsided star among the spilled toys, my prodigious scallops exposed to her neat cameo. And yet the same glazed tunnel, layered sequences. She is three; that makes this innocent. We’re pink! she shrieks, and bounds off. Every month she wants to know where it hurts and what the wrinkled string means between my legs. This is good blood I say, but that’s wrong, too. How to tell her that it’s what makes us– black mother, cream child. That we’re in the pink and the pink’s in us.

Rita Dove, Collected Poems: 1974-2004 , W.W. Norton, 2017.

Whole Wide World An Anthology of Poems: 2K B.C. – 2K A.D.

Please answer each question separately. Each question must be 250-300   words each. Please be plagiarism free and also make sure sources are cited APA.

1. How can employees control labor costs? Have you ever seen this put into practice? If so, how did it work, and if not, how do you think it would work best?

2. What activities in managing the pay system are likely candidates to be outsourced? Which do you think makes the most logical sense to outsource?

We have been looking at different psychological theories and the way we can use them to better examine social media. For this assignment use Michelle Obama . Spend some time looking through her social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Then write your analysis, being sure to cover these points:

A good introduction including who your subject is and a good overview of them and their social media use
Examples and discussion of schema/script theory in your subject
Examples and discussion of cultivation theory in your subject
Examples and discussion of agenda-setting theory in your subject
Examples and discussion of social learning in your subject
Examples and discussion of uses and gratifications theory in your subject

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