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Running Head: System Thinking Diagram


System Thinking Diagram

System Thinking Diagram





The diagram below shows Structural behavioral in customer service. Information search, disseminate information to customers solve problem, influence on how customers are motivated, search customer’s names, identify customers, their contacts, orders customer placed; approve orders update and display catalogue, organization climate and attitudes to improves service quality.

Organization al context Seek and search information . Search information from database . Find information and disseminate to customers . Close conversation with the customers.

Problem information solving Service agent agent ce agent Problem solving informationseek and

Need and use the information Client place inquiry about through information . Requesting for information about a product . Place order, pay for the orders Seek for correction of overcharge.


Rafaeli, A. Z. (2007). The Impact of Call Center Employees’ Customer Orientation Behaviors on Service Quality. Journal of Service Research, 1-17. Tsoukatos, E. ,. (2011). A structural equations approach to assessing alternative service quality metrics within an extended service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty model. Global Business and Economics Review, 13(3/4).

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