Complete the Employee Earning Record and YTD amount for the semimonthly pay.


-(NOTE): Do not round intermediate calculations and round your final answers to 2 decimal places.

rev: 03_30_2016_QC_CS-46759, 04_04_2016_QC_CS-46759, 07_09_2016_QC_CS-52845

eBook & Resources
WorksheetLearning Objective: 04-02 Determine Federal Income Tax Withholding AmountsLearning Objective: 05-05 Relate Labor Expenses to Company Profitability
Difficulty: 2 MediumLearning Objective: 04-03 Compute Social Security and Medicare Tax WithholdingLearning Objective: 05-06 Complete Benefit Analysis as a Function of Payroll
Learning Objective: 01-06 Differentiate between Exempt and Nonexempt WorkersLearning Objective: 04-04 Apply State and Local Income TaxesLearning Objective: 06-01 Create a Payroll Register
Learning Objective: 02-02 Prepare Required Employee DocumentationLearning Objective: 04-05 Explain Post-Tax DeductionsLearning Objective: 06-02 Transfer Payroll Data to the Employees’ Earnings Records
Learning Objective: 03-01 Analyze Minimum Wage Pay for Nonexempt WorkersLearning Objective: 04-06 Analyze Employee Net PayLearning Objective: 06-03 Describe Financial Accounting Concepts
Learning Objective: 03-02 Compute Gross Pay for Different Pay BasesLearning Objective: 04-07 Discuss Employee Pay MethodsLearning Objective: 06-04 Complete Payroll-Related General Journal Entries
Learning Objective: 03-03 Calculate Pay Based on Hours and Fractions of HoursLearning Objective: 05-01 List Employer-Paid and Employee-Paid ObligationsLearning Objective: 06-05 Generate Payroll-Related General Ledger Entries
Learning Objective: 03-04 Apply Combination Pay MethodsLearning Objective: 05-02 Discuss Reporting Periods and Requirements for Employer Tax DepositsLearning Objective: 06-06 Describe Payroll Effects on the Accounting System
Learning Objective: 03-05 Explain Special Pay SituationsLearning Objective: 05-03 Prepare Mid-Year and Year-End Employer Tax Reporting and DepositsLearning Objective: 06-07 Explain Payroll Entries in Accounting Reports
Learning Objective: 04-01 Identify Pre-Tax DeductionsLearning Objective: 05-04 Describe Payroll Within the Context of Business Expenses

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Required information

Post all journal entries to the General Ledger accounts for the fourth quarter.


-(NOTE): Do not round intermediate calculations and round your final answers to 2 decimal places. Enter the transactions in order they were journalized.

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