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Faculty of Computer Studies

Course Code: TM354 Course Title: Software Engineering

Tutor Marked Assignment Fall Semester 2018-19

Cut-Off Date: 30/11/2018 Total Marks:80

General guidelines: You are required to submit your TMA ONLY AS A Word/PDF File through the Learning Management System (LMS) provided by your branch. Submit your TMA to the LMS system on (or preferably before) the cut-off date shown above. Your tutor will mark your script and post the grades to the LMS. Plagiarism Warning: As per AOU rules and regulations, all students are required to submit their own TMA work and avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offence and the AOU has implemented sophisticated techniques for plagiarism detection. You must provide all references in case you use and quote another person’s work in your TMA. You will be penalized for any act of plagiarism as per the AOU’s rules and regulations. Declaration of No Plagiarism by Student (to be signed and submitted by student along with TMA work): I hereby declare that this submitted TMA work is a result of my own efforts and I have not plagiarized any other person’s work. I have provided all references of information that I have used and quoted in my TMA work.

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Question 1 10 Marks

This question analyses the students’ knowledge in “Agile Development”. This question will guide the

students to know the importance of literature research, peer reviewed references and citation, which

help them to proceed with their graduation project.

Question 1.1 The manifesto for agile software development is based on four key values:

 individuals and interactions over processes and tools

 working software over comprehensive documentation

 customer collaboration over contract negotiation

 responding to change over following a plan. One particular form of agile development is DSDM Atern. The DSDM Consortium website contains the DSDM Atern Handbook (2008), which lists eight principles that govern the philosophy behind this form of development. Explain how the principles of DSDM are relevant to each of the four agile values listed above. Use the four values as headings under which to construct your answer.

 You will need to use your judgement in relating what you read on the website to the four values.

 Your answer must be mainly in your own words, with any quotations from third-party sources (including the ones given above) clearly indicated by quotation marks and an appropriate reference. Up to three marks may be lost for not following this guidelines

 Your answer should not exceed 400 words in total, excluding headings and references. If you exceed this limit, ONE mark will be deducted

Question 1.2 Will an agile approach always deliver better software than a plan-driven approach? Explain your answer

Kindly follow the instructions given below for answering question- 1

You must provide at least FOUR peer reviewed references (excluding the one referred in the question)

in the Harvard Referencing format of referencing, excluding Wikipedia and YouTube. References should

be latest (year 2013 onwards-) You can complete this task using the e-library and other external sources;

you need to search the AOU-e-library and the internet to identify relevant material. In particular, you

are urged to use the following sources, all of which are freely available to AOU students: AOU’s

subscribed e-library, accessible through the LMS which includes a number of different resources o

Google books o Google scholar Quoting and Referencing.

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When you wish to quote other materials, then you must clearly acknowledge the source according to

accepted rules of citation and referencing. You can use the MSWord® referencing tool to facilitate

including references and citations in the proper format. The following link shows you how to use this


Note that it is not enough to simply post a reference at the end of the document without explicitly

stating which parts of your document are being quoted. Proper citation of external sources must be

included in order to receive mark for this question.

The XYZ Publishers System

Questions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 make use of an imaginary software application, the below

introduced XYZ Publishers System.


XYZ Publishers is a company that publishes a wide range of computing specialist magazines, on subjects

as varied as networking, programming, software engineering, information system, information science,

data management and artificial intelligence. Although its magazines are occasionally available from

newsstands, mostly the sales come from subscriptions. Customers pay in advance for one year or two

years’ issues of a magazine and will receive their copies by mail.

Currently the company is operating using small systems for different operations. None of the various

existing systems believed suitable for XYZ’s long-term business needs, and the management has

therefore decided to build a completely new software system to improve the subscription services. You

are asked to imagine that the company has been given a contract to develop the new system, which is

to support the activities of subscription and renewal. In the proposed system the company’s

employees/staff and customers are required login to the system to perform their activities. The system

must verify their user name and password. The system should be operational within 6 months and the

system should integrate with an external payment system. The company’s online website should be

accessible and usable from all types of browsers. The proposed system is expect to handle up to 1000

users at a time with a user-friendly interface.

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Further details required to complete the development of the system:

New subscriptions

Members of the public can view the magazines details online and if they wishing to start a subscription

can do so by filling in a form and mailing it, or by completing a form online. If the new subscription

received, the details are to be entered in the system by a staff member of XYZ’s sales team and notify

the applicants for incomplete details. The registered customers enter their own details directly online,

without the sales team being involved. There are two types of subscriptions; one-year subscriptions

and two-year subscriptions, varying in the price.

To start a subscription the customer must identify the magazine and the type of subscription required.

To subscribe they must provide their name and main address, details of a valid credit or debit card, and

a delivery address if different from the main address. When all their details entered and the card details

verified, the customer is asked to confirm that the details are correct and that they accept the

subscription price. If the details are wrong, the system must rejects the process. Each new customer

will be issued a unique reference number. Customers who wish to update their details at any time can

do so by visiting the website or by contacting the sales team, quoting their customer reference number.

The system administrator shall be able to add new magazines, add new users and update prices.


A customer whose subscription is about to expire is sent a reminder, and can then renew online, or by

mail or SMS, in which case the renewal is entered in the system by a staff member of the sales team.

Customers renewing a subscription must quote their reference number. As part of the renewal process

they must check their details and if necessary update them, for the wrong details, the system rejects

the renewal. Customers can also alter their subscription type if they wish. Once any changes have been

made, the customer is asked to confirm their renewal.


When a subscription has started or renewed, or a subscriber’s details change, the information should

be passed to a separate distribution system, which is responsible for mailing magazines to subscribers.

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Question 2 15 Marks

This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario to

identify the purpose of the project, stake holders, functional requirements, non-functional

requirements and to use the Volere template studied in Unit-2 and Unit-3 of the module

In this question, you are asked to complete selected sections of the Volere template for the XYZ Publishers System. The full template is very long and it would not be practical to complete it all, so you only need to fill in the parts indicated below.

1. Purpose of the product

2. Stakeholders

3. Mandated constraints

4. Naming conventions and definitions (give two valid terms from the information given earlier in

this assignment about the XYZ Publishers System that might be added to the project glossary)

5. Scope of the product

6. Functional requirements: identify two functional requirements along with their types

7. Non-functional requirements: identify two non-functional requirements along with their types

8. Project issues. (Choose any one of the project issues 18–26 listed on page 118 of Unit 2

(Section 6.1), and invent an example that could apply to the XYZ Publishers System. Only a

short answer is required (about 50 words).

Question 3 10 Marks

This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario and

practical skills to build activity diagrams studied in Unit-3 of the module

You are required to draw an activity diagram to model the process described below:

The following is a business description of a process of customer registration in one of the existing

systems that the new XYZ Publishers System will be replacing.

 A customer enter into the system to obtain a subscription.

 If he/she is an existing customer who wishes to subscribe to an additional magazine, he/she is

asked for their customer reference number and to confirm their name and billing address.

TM354 TMA Fall 2018-19 Page 6

 If any of the customer’s details have changed then these are updated.

 If an existing customer cannot remember their customer reference number then he/she is

asked for their last name, and these are used to find the correct customer record. The customer

is then reminded of keeping their customer reference number for future use.

 If they are new customers then their name and address are recorded and a customer reference

number is quoted for future use.

 The customer is asked which magazine they want, and whether they want a one-year or two-

year subscription and also asked for the delivery address.

 A price is quoted and send, and if the customer wishes to proceed then card payment details

are taken and these are verified.

 Finally, the name of the magazine, type of subscription, delivery address and price are

confirmed one more time and the customer will receive a thanks message before the process


Question 4 20 Marks

This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario and

practical skills to use case diagrams studied in Units 2,3 and 4 of the module

In this question, you will develop a use case model for the XYZ Publishers System, based on the

description of the new software system.

4.1 List the different actors with appropriate role names for them. You should indicate

any generalizations between actors 2 Marks

4.2 List the use cases choosing suitable names. 2 Marks


Draw your corresponding use case diagram. Use a graphics package of your choice,

Your diagram should include all the actors and use cases you identified in parts (4.1)

and (4.2) above.

8 Marks


Write textual description for a use case “add new magazine” (Refer to examples

given in Unit-3 of the module to answer this part of the TMA)

8 Marks

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Question 5 10 Marks

This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario and

practical skills to build class diagrams studied in Units 3,4 and 5 of the module

The XYZ Publishers’ management would desire to develop a database system to keep track of its

magazines, staff and customers with the following requirements:

Each sales department has number of staff members. The department details to be stored are unique

number, name, email address and telephone number. Exactly a single department must hire each staff

and the staff details to be stored are staff id, name, address, telephone and email. There should be one

head of the department from one of the staff. The company staff manages the magazines and their

subscriptions. The two types of magazine subscriptions are ‘one year subscription type’ and ‘two years

subscription type’.

Magazine details to be stored are name, subject, number of copies and date of printing, One staff can

manage one or many magazine subscriptions. The staff are divided into two category according to their

job description; they are Back Office Staff and Customer Support staff. The customers will register for

magazine subscriptions and the Customer Support staff manage them. One staff can manage one or

more customers. The customer details to be stored are customer ID, name, address and email address.

5.1 Identify the classes and their attributes from the given scenario 4 Marks


Draw a class diagram for the scenario; the diagram should include all classes in

the system, the relationship between classes, multiplicity specifications and any

necessary association names.

6 Marks

TM354 TMA Fall 2018-19 Page 8

Question 6 10 Marks

This question analyses the students’ knowledge and understanding in analyzing given scenario and

practical skills to build sequence diagrams and to write about state chart diagrams studied in Units

6and 7 of the module


Figure 1 shows part of a class model for a software system to assist with the administration of the XYZ company.

7 Marks


Suppose you want to implement a use case print subscription. You have decided to use XYZ

company as the system class and implement the use case with a system operation that takes an

argument of type Customer, and an argument of type Date (the date of the subscription to


Draw a sequence diagram showing how this operation could be implemented, inventing

suitable names for the methods and parameters required.

6.2 Statechart diagrams have several uses. Briefly describe two of these, using your

own simple examples to help explain your answers. You do not need to include

the actual statecharts but just to say what object’s lifecycle would be modelled

in your example and what the contribution of the statechart would be to system


3 Marks

End of TMA

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