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Seth’s Screw Manufacturing wants to get paid faster by utilizing the features in the Online Invoicing Portal. Which of the following items are benefits of using the Online Invoicing Portal?

A. Customizable invoice templates

B. Past due statements can be sent to customers

C. A secure password must be entered to view the online invoice

D. Clients can correspond with their customers regarding invoice details

E. Recipient can set up automatic payment for future invoices sent to their Intuit ID

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QuickBooks Payments allows you to process ACH payments electronically. Your customer receives the invoice through email and clicks the link to “Pay Now.” After they enter the payment information, what is the next step in this transaction?

A. A check is automatically sent to your bank for deposit

B. A confirmation email is sent prompting you to “Accept Payment”

C. The payment is transferred to a secure holding account for 3 business days

D. The invoice will show a status of “paid” and the date payment was received

E. Your client receives an email that they must click to approve payment details and complete payment processing

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Dan’s Doughnuts pays his oil delivery company at time of service. When each delivery is made, Dan writes a paper check for the amount and gives it to the delivery rep. What is the recommended method to record this transaction in QuickBooks Online?

A. Enter as a Check and manually enter the check number

B. Enter as a Check, mark ‘To Print’ and print the check stub for a record

C. Enter through the Expenses window and select Cash as payment type

D. Open the bank account register and manually enter the check in to the register

E. Enter the Bill through Quick Create, then record the Bill Payment with the check number

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Which of the following is considered a non-posting transaction?

A. Bill

B. Invoice

C. Estimate

D. Payment

E. Bill Payment

Question 7 of 15

Where would you go if you want to pay multiple bills at one time?

A. Quick Create > Pay Bills

B. Vendors > Gear > Pay Bills

C. Transactions > Expenses > Pay Bills

D. Vendors > Select Bills > Batch Actions > Pay Bills

E. You cannot pay multiple bills at one time in QuickBooks Online

Question 8 of 15

Where can you print checks in QuickBooks Online?

A. Reports > Print checks

B. Home page > Print checks

C. Quick Create > Print Checks

D. Gear Icon > Tools > Print Checks

E. Transactions > Banking Transactions > Print checks

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Dan wants to be able to assign expenses to customers. Which of the following features does he need to turn on to reach this goal?

A. Turn on job costing

B. Automatically invoice unbilled activity

C. Track expenses and items by customer

D. QuickBooks Online does not support this feature

E. Show items table on purchase and expense forms

Question 10 of 15

Which of the following defines a transfer transaction in QuickBooks Online?

A. Paying a vendor via ACH

B. Paying an employee via direct deposit

C. Accepting payments from a customer via ACH

D. Moving money from one balance sheet account to another

E. Moving money between any two accounts on the Chart of Accounts

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You have entered a customer payment against an invoice and want to deposit it with a rebate from the office supply store. What is the best method for creating the deposit?

A. Enter vendor credit for the rebate, open Deposits window, check the boxes next to the customer payment and the vendor credit

B. In Deposit window, use the Add New Deposits table to enter the customer payment to accounts receivable and the rebate to other income

C. In Deposit window, check the box next to the customer payment, and use the Add New Deposits table to enter the rebate to office expense

D. In Deposit window, use the Add New Deposits table to enter the customer payment to the corresponding income account and the rebate to other income

E. In Deposit window, use the Add New Deposits table to enter the customer payment to the corresponding income account and the rebate to office expense

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What does QuickBooks Online allow you to do with a Journal Entry that QuickBooks Desktop does not?

A. Enter item quantities on an entry

B. Use more than one currency per entry

C. Apply payments against invoices on an entry

D. Record multiple accounts receivable and accounts payable lines per entry

E. Record an out of balance entry and automatically adjust the difference to Opening Balance Equity

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Dale has hired an employee and is ready to get started with QuickBooks Online Payroll. How do you turn the payroll feature on in his QuickBooks Online company?

A. Quick Create > Run Payroll > Upgrade

B. Contact QuickBooks Online customer service to add payroll

C. Gear Icon > Manage Subscription > Get started with Payroll button

D. Select Employees from the left navigation bar > Turn on Payroll button

E. Click the company name from the QuickBooks Online Accountant client list. From the client detail page, choose ‘Add Payroll’

Question 14 of 15

Which of the following are standard payroll reports in QuickBooks Online?

A. Payroll Transaction Detail, Payroll Transactions by Customer

B. Payroll Tax Liability Report, Payroll Tax Payments by Vendor

C. Unpaid Time Report, Payroll Details Report, Employee Payroll Cost Detail

D. Payroll Summary Report, Payroll Details Report, Payroll Tax Liability Report

E. Payroll Summary by Customer, Payroll Details by Employee, Payroll Tax Payments

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Kaydee’s Cookies started out as a one woman show selling her baked goods at the farmers market. She recently moved into a commercial space and is hiring some staff – and she has reached out to you to get her set up with an accounting and payroll solution. She wants to use QuickBooks Online, but she wants to have full control of the payroll processing, reporting and tax payments. What service would be the best fit?

A. Intuit Full Service Payroll

B. QuickBooks Online Payroll

C. A third party payroll provider

D. QuickBooks Full Service Payroll

E. Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants

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Which of the following is not a recommended starting point to enter sales of products/services?

A. Quick Create > Invoice

B. Register > New transaction

C. Quick Create > Sales Receipt

D. Customer detail page > New transaction

E. Transactions > Sales > New transaction

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Which of the following statements accurately describes bank rules?

A. Bank rules are imported from the Bank’s website into the For Review tab in the Banking Center

B. Bank rules are company settings used to restrict certain users from accessing the banking transactions

C. Bank rules allow users to specify the frequency that QuickBooks Online downloads transactions from the bank

D. Bank rules are set up by users to allow QuickBooks Online to populate downloaded transaction fields with specified information

E. Bank rules are set by QuickBooks Online to automatically match downloaded transactions to manually entered transactions in the register

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Doug’s Diner has a handful of bills that are the same each month which they pay via ACH auto pay. They want to save time entering these transactions by utilizing the Recurring Transactions feature in QuickBooks Online – but still want to view the upcoming expenses in their financial reports. What is the best way to set up the recurring transactions?

A. Set up each bill as an Expense and make recurring

B. Set up each Bill and Bill Payment as recurring transactions

C. Enter the each Bill manually, then set up each Bill Payment as a recurring transaction

D. Set up Rules in the Bank Feed center to automatically map the payments as they clear the bank

E. Set up each Bill as a recurring transaction, then match the payments to the bills in the Bank Feeds center as they clear.

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Gregg has given you his bank statement for last month and you need to reconcile his account. Which of the following are the steps you need to take?

A. Accountant Toolbox > Reconcile > Reconcile Now > Enter Adjustment

B. Gear Icon > Reconcile > Enter statement date/beginning balance > Reconcile Now > Enter Adjustment

C. Accountant Toolbox > Reconcile > Enter statement date/ending balance > Select All > Reconcile Now > Enter Adjustment

D. Gear Icon > Reconcile > Uncheck All > Check off transactions that match statement > Reconcile Now > Enter Adjustment

E. Gear Icon > Reconcile > Enter statement date/ending balance > Check all transactions that match bank statement > Ensure difference is zero > Reconcile Now

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Christine’s Cuisine just made the switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. The banking transactions were downloaded and posted in the desktop file up until 20 days ago. When connecting the bank feed in QuickBooks Online, what is the best way to get the transactions for the last 20 days into the file?

A. When setting up the sync, choose the custom option to only download the last 20 days of data

B. When setting up the sync, do not download any prior transactions. Then, manually enter the last 20 days of data

C. When setting up the sync, choose the custom option to only download the last 7 days of data. Then manually enter the remaining 13 days of transactions

D. When setting up the sync, choose the custom option to download the last 30 days of data. Then use the batch exclude option to remove the duplicate downloads

E. When setting up the sync, do not download any prior transactions. Then download and import an IIF file from the bank website to enter the last 20 days of transactions

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If a user clicks Finish Now when reconciling an account and the Difference is not zero, what account is used to offset the automatic adjustment to the account being reconciled?

A. Bank Service Charges

B. Miscellaneous Expense

C. Opening Balance Equity

D. Bank Reconcilation Error

E. Reconciliation Discrepancies

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Which of the following report settings are browser settings, not QuickBooks Online settings?

A. Fit to Page

B. Column size

C. Text font/color

D. Send report as HTML when emailing

E. Header/Footer text and alignment when printing

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Josh and Kaleb are partners in their consulting business. They have selected a third party app that works with QuickBooks Online so that you can help manage their bookkeeping outside of their operational management system. Kaleb is the only person who needs to be able to enter transactions, but Josh needs to be able to run reports and enter billable time – as he is always meeting with investors and customers. Kaleb is concerned that if Josh has access to QuickBooks Online, he will accidentally mess something up. Which subscription level of QuickBooks Online would be the best fit for their needs?

A. QuickBooks Online Plus

B. QuickBooks Online Essentials

C. QuickBooks Online Simple Start

D. QuickBooks Online Self-Employed

E. QuickBooks Online Simple Start + third party apps for time and reporting

Question 9 of 15

Which of the following is NOT true about grouping reports in QuickBooks Online?

A. A customized report can be part of multiple Groups

B. Grouped reports can be found in My Custom Reports

C. You can consolidate multiple reports into a single PDF document

D. Grouping allows you to schedule reports to be automatically emailed

E. You can batch print multiple reports by double clicking on the Group heading

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