eBookeBookeBookeBookExercise 12-21 (Algorithmic)

Park Company provided the following income statement for last year:

Sales $70,000
Less: Variable expenses 56,000
Contribution margin $14,000
Less: Fixed expenses 19,200
Operating income $-5,200

At the beginning of last year, Park had $38,650 in operating assets. At the end of the year, Park had $41,350 in operating assets.

Compute ROI. Do not round interim calculations, but do round your final answer to two decimal places. If required, use a minus sign to indicate a negative ROI.

ROI =   _________________   %

eBookeBookeBookeBookExercise 12-22
Return on Investment, Margin, Turnover

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Data follow for the Construction Division of D. Jack Inc.:

Round all answers to two decimal places.

1.  Compute the margin (as a percent) and turnover ratios for each year.

     Year 1    Year 2
Margin:   _________________   %   _________________   %
Turnover:   _________________   _________________

2.  Compute the ROI as a percent for the Construction Division for each year.

ROI year 1   _________________   %
ROI year 2   _________________   %

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