airfax Company uses weighted-a\’eEge process costing to account for its production costs. Direct labor is added er,enly throughout the process. Dircct materials are added at th,3 beginning of the process. During September, the company transfened 785,000 units of product to finisherd goods, At the end of September, the goods in process in\,entory consists of 179,000 units that are 50t/o complete with respect to labor. Beginning inu?ntory had $375,960 of direct materials and $65,588 of din;ct labor cost. The direct labor cost added in Seplember is $1,246,162, and the direct materials cost added ir; $2,5.16,040.

Section Breatk Prablern 16-24 Coe;l frer equivalent unit costs assigned fo prodilct:; i-.O. C2, C3


313113 nrnent Print Mers

materials.{(b) the equiwlent units of production with respect to d

both the direct labor cost and the direct materials to 2 decimal place- Omit the *$* s$gn in your re

Per equiulent unit

$; i ]x,s”4+-r#rF,@aF.,–*’.–.”*”,

: : . :’ . . -.: : : : .:.,,.$,,i,,=tr,,,,,,,,,t,t,-::::::::=::j, :: :

Par{ 3 both direct labor cost and direct materials cost assig

und your per unit co* to I decimal places and l

Cost transfened out

aterials $i “”” “^**–*:


abor $i i ::::.:,:,…i..-:r.-.:::…::…, ..: -…:,,:.::’.-:::::-.::::l:i:-:.i:.-!!,1.’:11t..-.’-::

both direct labor cost and direct materials cost {Round yoilr per unit cas*s ttr I decimal pla ount,)

per equiralent unit. {Rcund your .)

to units completed and transfened I ansuvers ts the neares dollar

to ending goods in process nd firtal ansfi.ersi to the nearest


L; 1″.’.* i-. a t ;tg ? $ Us rI f II At y ai-, { . ii:: f* }; ;;:- !+Lt lrtran-‘ v .

2A Part 2

out. amo

rt. .::.-t…::..

3(b) Corn



ProSIem Easton start of


ezto.nfrecl otd.mcg r aN-

Costs of ending go4_g_”in_Prq9_-esg_

$i “””””._____-:

: :’- l,L”’-‘.=”r -‘:::-:’:*:’i. ,

–rrd lnnlnllfil us€ iil process

Process sosf surnmary; eg$ir/Elenf unrfs l”O. C?, its product through a single processing Dircct materials are added at the

, and direct labor and orrertread are added er,enly the process. The company reporting periods for its nreighted-a\Erage process accounting system. lts Goods in

account bllours afi,er entries for dlrect materials, labor, and onerfiead co’sts br




Goods in Process lnrentory Date Explanation

Oct. ‘1 Balance 31 Direct materials 31 Direct labor 31 Applied owrhead

Assig nnent Print View

Acct, 1,,,lo.133 Ba lance



802,286 1 051 ,296

Unit cr:st information

Direct lVraterials



‘ ,-.”.|1.,:

Dire ‘c1:






per EUP

Debit Credit


423,000 249,A00

Its beginnjng goods in process consisted of $43,030 of direct nraterials, $79,920 of direct labor, and $153,336 of factory overhead. During October, the company started 144,000 units and transfened 151,000 units to finished goods. At the end of the month, the goods in procr:ss iruentory consisted of20,800 units that were 80% complete with respect to direct labor and hctory o\eri€ad.

Required: 1’ Prepare the companys process cost summary for October using the weighted-alerage method. {Roundyour {iost per EUP anslvers to 3 decimal places and c:onsider the same in the other

calculations. Round other ans,rrers to the nearest dollar iilnount Omit the “$” dgn in your reryonse.)

EASTON CO. Process Cost Summary

For Month Ended October 31 Costs;

Costsi Oharged to Production

l:eginning goods in processTotal Costs

Total inauned this period

Totail r::;rlsts to account for

Units to account for Units r;tarted this period ?


TBeginniing goods in process

Total unrits to account for

Equiwlent units of production

Units r:ompleted & transfered out tr

Unitli r:f ending goods in process T

Equirreril,ent units of production

Cost per EUP

Cost r:if beginning goods in process f v

Costs incuned this period i –

Total c;osts

Equi’unlent units of production t?

Cost per EUP

Cost assignment and reconciliation

Units accounted for Ending goods in process ,

t{ fCompleted & transferred out

Total units accounted for

Factory OwrheadDirect Labor




Direct Labor






Factory Owrhead




per EUP $


per EUP

Costs; transfened out Direl:lt materials i

! : I

I I ]

T ffi !r tl rr

Fa,clliiyv o\erhead

Direrrc,t[ labor

Total triarnsfered out Costs; r:,f ending goods in process

ezto.mhecl oud. rncg raw hi ll l, rtomftrm.tpx 8t11

lllileet materials T

lltlrect labor I

Fiactory olerhead T

313113 Assignnent Print Mew

Total ,ending goods in process

Tot,illl r:osts to account for

2- Preparc the joumal entry dated October 31 to transfer the cost of the completed units to fnished goods in\enlffy. {Omit the “$” sign in your response,}

Di’rl e,

Oct, $1

Debit CreditGeneral Joumal Finistred goods inwntory i-

Goods in process inlentory f r

Wnrksher:lt , -…, ;-‘

I “‘.-” .-.’,Prcb feni’ ‘! t:’4{ Pracess casf sum ?n ary; eguiyafenf ^ . , :^,

unr’fs j-.C). rl::?. *3, F4 – -j ,

Problem 16-54 Process cost sumrnary, equiualent units, cosf esfr?r?ates L.O. C2, C3, P4 [The tDflowing information applies to fhe guesfibns displayed balowJ

Ogden Co. manufactures a single product in one department. All direct materials are added at the beginning of the manufacturing process. Direct labor and olerhead are added e\,enly throughout the process. The company uses monthly reporting periods for its weighterla\€rage plocess cost accounting. During Oct,olcer, the company completed and transfened 23,200 units of product to finished goods inrentory. fts 4, 100 units of beginning goods in process consisted of $i10,0O0 ol direct materials, $205,300 of direct labor, and $98,840 of factory o\erhead. lt has 2,200 units (10t)o/o complete with respect to direct materials anrl 80% complete with respect to direct labor and owrhe.:rd) in process at month-end. After entries to record direct materials, direct labor, and olerhead for October; the company’s Goods in Process lnentory account fullows.

Goods in Process ln\,entory Acct. Nc.133 Date Explanation Debit Credit Balanr:e

Oct. 1 Balance 32″1.,140 31 Direct materials 495,900 820,040 31 Direct labor 1,288,300 2,1011,340 31 Applied or,erhead 982,440 3,090,780

Section Bre;aik.

units.coste$trf/.atesL.a.c2,cG,p4 ,::,'”.’;’.: ‘4:::: :; ‘eirrrt – ‘e”^::’-‘.;’s”‘-‘ ;;;J:-t.:lld.

‘:”:””” “-:;”-‘lartd

13. ‘-1

Prablem 16-5.4 Part 1 l. Prepare the company’s process cost summary for October using lhe weightedarerage method.{Round

your cost per EUP ans,yers to 2 decimal places and r::cnsider the same in the other calculi:rtions. Round other answers to the nearest dollar arnosnt Omit lhe “$” sign in your responsP.)

OGDEN CO. Process Cost Summary

For Month Ended October 31 Costs Charged to Production

(s rll’beoinninq ooods in Dirtmt materials T

Dittrr;t labor v

Factory owrhead T

Total lleginning goods in process

Costs incuned this period

ezto. rnhecl oud. nrcg raur hi I I . c;om/hm. tpx st11

313113 Assig nnent Print View

“?” _” _

Unit cost information

D’inect labor i- Fiarctory orrerhead i’? llriiitect materials i.r

Totarl incurred this period

Total costs to account for

Units to account for Beglinning goods in process i v Units; started this oeriod iT

Totarl units to account for

Equiwlent units of production

E,li @r; Equi’*alent units of production

rerg f’trr Total (]osts

Effi Cost plerr EUP

Cost assignment and reconciliation Costs; liransfened out

Farctory overhead T

Dinmt labor – DinN:;t materials v

Total r:nrding goods in process

Total ccmts to account for

Units accounted for

Completed & transfened out v

Endino qoods in process i v

Total units accounted for

Direct Materials



..””-:::”u:. ..”-”

Direct Itlaterials


Direct Labor



“:::. “” Direct Labor


Factory Overhead




Factory Owrhead


$ $


$ 0 per EUP




Oct. 3;1

ezto. nhecl oud. mcg raw hi I I .r::rrn/hm.tpx


Pr*bl*m f S-l54 Part 1

Frob{em 16-:5,i., Part 2 2. Prepare 1ll’re journal entry dated

inrentorlr {$mlt the *’$** sign in

October 31 to transfer the cost of completed units to finished goods y*ur resp*ns*.)

General Journal Debit Credit

Total trernsfened out

Costs; r:f endin

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